In Vitro Transcribed (IVT) mRNA provides a flexible and cost-effective platform to produce mRNA transcripts that can be used in many applications including therapeutics and vaccine development, gene editing and gene expression studies, antibody development, and more. IVT mRNAs can be transcribed from circular plasmid DNA, PCR products, and double-stranded oligos that contain the promoter sequences of phage RNA polymerases, most commonly T7.

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron offers various services from DNA template options to IVT mRNA production. All our mRNA products are capped and polyadenylated to ensure stability and downstream application performance. Our standard QC and characterizations include size, purity, and integrity. Additional QC methods such as capping efficiency are available.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Template synthesis and preparation, including plasmid DNA, PCR products and synthetic oligonucleotides.
  • Codon optimization, various capping and tailing strategies for enhancing mRNA stability and translation.
  • Incorporating modified nucleotides (Ψ, m1Ψ, 5-OMe UTP, m5C) during synthesis to increase protein expression and decrease innate immune response.

Advantages of our products and services

  • Short turn-around time with excellent services and competitive prices.
  • Flexible with a variety of choices for your research needs.
  • Our professional team provides support to save you time and effort.
  • High quality mRNA products that are ready to use and suitable for most downstream applications.

Quality Control and Specification of mRNA

QC ItemTest MethodSpecificationStandardUpgrade
AppearanceVisual inspectClear, no visible particlesYesYes
pHpH meterTarget ± 0.5YesYes
PurityNanodrop260/280 is 1.8-2.3, 230/280 ratio is 2.0-2.3YesYes
RNA Length and IntegrityGel electrophoresisExpected fragment size observedYesYes
RNA Length and IntegrityCapillary electrophoresisDV200 metric evaluationNoYes
Capping EfficiencyEnzyme digestion and gel electrophoresis≥ 90%YesYes
EndotoxinKinetic turbidimetric assay (KTA) – limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL)< 10EU/mgNoYes